January 2012

This is the sequel to Leveraging LinkedIn to Land a Job-Job: Part 1 of 2 and was originally published for Social Media Week - New York 2012 on December 19, 2011. Let’s bring it all together and take a closer look at my favorite LinkedIn Boot Camp infographic (unleash your inner tech-geek!). I hope you’ll find a few hidden gems of insight in this follow-up companion piece.

This post was originally contributed for the Social Media Week - New York 2012 blog and was published on December 9, 2011. I’d like to offer some point-counterpoint commentary on a topic matter that currently occupies a lot of my physical and mental energy consumption: how to optimally leverage your LinkedIn network to land, as I affectionately like to call a “full-time position with benefits.” A Job-Job.

Last month, I - as well as countless other social media enthusiastic sources across the web - stumbled upon what has largely been received as one of the best infographics ever created: The Noob's Guide to Online Marketing. Now, this lofty and entirely erroneous endorsement certainly needs to be qualified, as the "best" title is purely based on the graphic's unprecedented robustness and informative ambition. As a digital marketer for hospitality brandsthis infographic, coming to us from the good folks at Unbounce.com, specifically points to each and every vital component of creating an integrated, wholistic online marketing strategic plan for your business.

As I am quite addicted with social media, travel and hospitality, and digital trends, I simply cannot go a morning without getting my fix on the latest news and trends emerging in this lightening-fast space. Like everyone else who is passionate about these topics, I first fire up my HootSuite dashboard, which is constantly bleeping at me during the day as thousands and thousands of updates come flowing in.


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