31 Jul How Facebook plans to take over the world of advertising!

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Although it may seem like Facebook has already solidified their dominance when it comes to social marketing and advertising, their most recent announcement demonstrates how they plan to continue their..

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30 Jul In the world of social media, do blind dates even exist anymore?

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In light of last night’s bachelorette finale part one, I was intrigued by Mashable.com’s article stating that one in every four people friend requests a potential date before ever actually dating them..

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26 Jul New Additions to Video Platforms!

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Instagram and Vine continue the battle for users in the videography world as they roll out new additions and upgrades. For Instagram video this means having the ability to embed videos when using your..

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24 Jul My "Cronut" Experience

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So… what exactly is a “Cronut”? If you don’t know what it is, you will definitely be confused, but if you DO know what it is, then you will share my excitement or feel jealous of my delicious ..

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23 Jul How the "e" in ecommerce now stands for everywhere!

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When digital marketing first swept the scene, brands and marketers alike had to learn to adjust their strategies and expectations accordingly. Brand management switched from paper advertising to Twitt..

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22 Jul Countdown to the Royal Baby!

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As soon as I woke up this morning, my news feed, inbox, and twitter account were stormed with news and rumors about the royal baby to be. What will the baby look like? Will it be a girl or a boy? Coul..

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19 Jul Twitter abbreviations and conversation tips!

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With all the acronyms and abbreviations on the internet it can be hard to differentiate lol from lmk from RT or TGIF (if there is already confusion those abbreviations are Laugh out Loud, Let me know,..

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16 Jul Stickers on Facebook Chat!

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Part of the fun of Imessaging and android texting comes from the use of Emojicons! The inventive application that provides users with a ton of fun mini stickers; ranging from food items, to flags, to ..

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15 Jul A how-to guide for Facebook graph search!

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One week ago Facebook officially launched their graph search platform, and I have begun to see the benefits that can be attributed to the new search engine, as well as all of the fun both you and your..

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11 Jul The 4 Cardinal "C's" of Social Media!

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These 4 “C’s”, each related to a different social media platform, should be leveraged, loved, and utilized on a daily basis. It may seem like a lot to remember but social media can always be ..

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