28 Nov To Black Friday, Or Not To Black Friday?

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve all heard the commercials, hype and distress over Black Friday. Stores are rolling out their sales earlier than ever, with many opening on Thanksgiving Da..

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21 Nov Ashley Kumlien

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When I chose to invest in a social media company for our business Socialfly was an easy choice! Stephanie and Courtney easily outlined key specific areas where they could help increase our social medi..

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20 Nov Making Social Media Work For Your Small Business This Holiday Season

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The buzz around holiday shopping is heating up, and social media is a great way for small businesses to gain a competitive edge. Here are five easy ways to connect with customers and make your presenc..

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17 Nov Joanne Barken

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As a new startup, I needed a strategic team to setup my social media platforms and to train me to engage a following. SocialFly was extremely responsive to my needs, researched my industry, designed p..

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17 Nov Pam Kalmus

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The Socialfly team go above and beyond expectations, delivering quality content with great customer service. Courtney and Stephanie are innovative thinkers and experts in the social media arena. Socia..

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15 Nov Mani Diaries: The Free App to track your Manicures

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Dear Diary,

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to getting my nails done. I obsess over the newest color I’m going to get. I grow giddy thinking about accent nails, glitter and special ho..

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13 Nov If Teens Are Leaving Facebook, Where Are They Going?

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09 Nov Sarah Kugelman

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We have been around the block with agencies promising results on social media. So, we were skeptical when we first met Socialfly but quickly came around when we learned about their track record and sa..

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08 Nov Maximize Your Pinterest Account For The Holidays

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As we settle into colder weather this week, there’s no denying the holiday season has officially started. While it may seem too soon for some to discuss gifts and decorating ideas, if you run a busi..

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