28 Jun ICYMI: Instagram's New Video Channels

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Video is only getting bigger, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Following its video length increase from Read More

22 Jun Twitter Launches "Engage" App for Influential Users

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21 Jun Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat's Advertising API

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Snapchat has officially announced the launch of Snapchat Partners, its highly anticipated advertising API (application programming interface) which will connect more th..

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20 Jun Social Media Is Changing Beauty Standards (for the Better)

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Unrealistic, skewed, detrimental – all words that are often associated with beauty stands of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This is not news, though. What is news? The evolution of how social media..

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16 Jun Open Letter to LinkedIn from a Millennial

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Dear LinkedIn,

Congratulations on the $26.2 billion deal with Microsoft. Whether through funny memes on Read More

15 Jun Your iPhone is About to Get a Major Makeover

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09 Jun From Emoji to Kimoji – Why Emoji Advertising Works

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03 Jun Instagram 101: Jumpstart Your Following & Reach Customers Now!

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02 Jun What Was #Trending in May?

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May has officially come and gone, and with it came a slew of trending topics. We may have never even known that the month was coming up, had it not been for the ever-trending Justin meme. You know ..

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01 Jun New and Improved: Instagram for Business

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Instagram has been making big moves this year, first with the Read More

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