30 Dec Best #Hashtag Campaigns of 2016

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As 2016 comes to a close, we’ve decided to wrap up with a round up of the year’s best hashtag marketing campaigns. With social causes and human rights at the forefront of this yea..

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29 Dec Everything That Happened & Mattered In 2016

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While many of us are waiting for the calendar to finally hit fast forward on 2016, this week is a good time to reflect on all of the good and bad that happened in the past year. And of course, feel #b..

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23 Dec Wedding Hashers: No, This Isn’t Another Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson Movie, It’s Now An Actual Career

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Are you #engaged? #Congratulations. #ItsAPrettyStressfulTimeHuh? #WhyDoIKeepTypingInHashtags? #ImTryingToSellYouOnMyNewService… #WeddingHashtags!

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21 Dec Tech Giants Join Forces to Take Down Terror Content

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Social media is an invaluable, multi-faceted resource, from its ability to keep us in contact with friends and relatives from around the world to its ability to q..

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19 Dec Facebook Ranks Second as the Top Tech Company to Work For in 2017

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Facebook is not just one of the best tech companies to work for in 2017 for its unlimited restaurants, gadget-equipped vending machines, and rooftop garden; it’s an e..

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16 Dec Pinterest Rolls Out New Look for Business Profiles

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One of our favorite social media platforms just got a new facelift! Amongst several other updates, Pinterest business profiles now include new rotating showcase..

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14 Dec LinkedIn Breaks the Ice with Conversation Starters

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We’ve all been there. We’d like to reach out to an old classmate or colleague or intramural kickball teammate, but we don’t want to appear too eager or too enthus..

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09 Dec What Can’t Instagram Do? Re: Liking Comments & Removing Followers Are Now Things

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With a recent update, Instagram gave users the ability to ‘Like’ other people’s comments on posts. If you update your app you will now see a small heart next to each comment, and if you tap the ..

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