31 May Anything Snapchat Does Instagram Wants To Do Better: The Latest In Their Social Media Soap Opera

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Snapchat and Instagram’s battle is one drawn out duet of “Anything You Can Do,” and at this point, some of their features are so similar it’s hard to say who truly does it better.

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25 May The World of Niche Social Media Content

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Celebrities were the first Instagrammers to grow massive followings from fans. Next, fashion and lifestyle influencers started developing celeb status audiences, some even surpassing our ..

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23 May Summer Must Haves According to My Instagram Feed

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With Summer quickly approaching, New Yorkers flock to rooftops to soak in the sun and get a good Instagram story (sorry, not sorry @Snapchat) of the skyline at ..

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22 May Everything You Need to Know About F8 but Didn’t Want to Read

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Were you super excited about all the updates to Facebook at F8, but let down when met with tl;dr articles about 75+ changes and additions to the platform? Us, too. To make the information slightly mor..

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19 May Shadow Banning: The Unspoken Future of Instagram

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Recently, you’ve likely heard the term “Shadow Banning” thrown around a bit. When the term first came to light, it sounded menacing and mysterious, but few knew what it truly meant…

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16 May Instagram: The Kylie to Kim's Snapchat

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Every Keeping Up With the Kardashians fan loves Kylie Jenner. From her style and shameless selfies on Instagram to her ability to convince anyone they need to order a waist trainer, she never..

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15 May 9 People Who Could Dethrone Selena Gomez as 2017’s Queen of Instagram

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It’s a cutthroat world out there in Instagram-land. Everyone from your dog to your mom to your Read More

12 May Inside the Campaign

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Creators Collective Presents: Social Influence II: Inside the Campaign

Join us tomorrow, Saturday, May 13  from 12 pm- 4 pm as we share the secrets to success in influencer marketing and the power..

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11 May Snapchat Goes Limitless

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In the ongoing battle between Snapchat and Facebook for camera supremacy, Snapchat has added a slew of new creative tools to keep its edge.

In April, Snapchat launched ..

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09 May The Most Fire Tweets from the Fyre Festival

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If you’ve been up-to-date with the latest headlines, you’ve heard of the Fyre Festival – now dubbed the “Rich Kids of Instagram Meets the Hunger Games.” Guests were in for the ..

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