31 Aug Has Instagram become The New Pinterest?

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Should we change “pinspiration” to “instpiration” just yet? Up until April of 2017, Pinterest was the only social networking platform that allowed users to organize posts on their..

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24 Aug How to Grow Your Social Media Followers

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Building quality relationships is a combination of different tactics that, when nurtured correctly, give you the best connections in your life. Building a social media ..

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22 Aug Social Media Content On Facebook Gets An Upgrade

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Since its launch in late March,..

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16 Aug LinkedIn’s New Service Will Find You A Mentor With One Swipe

Posted at 11:38h in Uncategorized by CaitlinStower - 0 Comments -

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through LinkedIn only to wish it was more like Tinder? Well, the social network for professionals is making moves to do just that. The platform, whi..

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14 Aug On the Horizon: iPhone 8

Posted at 11:58h in Uncategorized by KimberlyCadavid - 0 Comments -

We’re now a month(ish) away from the unveiling of the iPhone 8 (also known as the ‘iPhone X’ and ‘iPhone Edition’) and this year is essential for Apple. Not only to keep their s..

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07 Aug The Tragedy That Is Celeb Breakups

Posted at 15:05h in Uncategorized by EmilyGettings - 0 Comments -

Last night, the country was rocked by a terrible revelation: Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have decided to separate after an eight-year marriage. The couple broke the news on their respectiv..

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07 Aug Giphy Turns to Monetization

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Monetization is so prevalent these days; and it comes as no surprise that Read More

01 Aug Three Tips You Need To Know For Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign On Pinterest

Posted at 17:03h in Uncategorized by KarlyKrasnow - 0 Comments -

With 150 million monthly active users and over 50 billion pins, Pinterest is still a fast-growing and popular social networking platform. Two-thirds of pins on Pinterest represent brands ..

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