30 Aug Voice Work: Creating Your Brand's Personality for Social Media

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So, you’ve just signed a big new client.

And you might be sitting there asking yourself, what’s next?

Well, from a creative standpoint, a voice workshop migh..

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29 Aug RECAP: SocialLIVE Episode 106 Personalize Your Self-Care with Silk and Sonder!

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  1. Despite all the hype, Apple’s iPhone X didn’t make as strong an impact as the company hoped for. Apple hopes to spark more excitement (and sales) this September with the addition of Read More

27 Aug Hottest Restaurant Locations in NYC – Where are all the Influencers Dining?

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Drool-worthy food pictures have always been popular on Instagram. Yet salivating over gorgeous images that influencers post of decadent entrees and fancy pastries have followers doing mor..

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24 Aug RECAP: SocialLIVE Episode 105 with Fempreneur Lisa Nicole Rosado

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  1. Last month, Instagram rolled out a new feature that lets users know when “they’re all caught up” on content in their feed. As a complement to this feature, Instagram is cur..
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17 Aug RECAP: SocialLIVE Episode 104: Wake Up with The Morning Brew!

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  1. We love the Polls feature on Instagram Stories, but sometimes you want feedback without asking ALL your followers! Instagram got the hint and rolled out the sticker for Stories i..
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16 Aug How to Strengthen Your Brand’s Influencer Relationships

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As more and more companies are investing in their influencer marketing network, it’s important to ensure that your brand isn’..

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13 Aug The Fortnite Frenzy

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Ah, Fortnite.

The game that has taken over the world, literally.

If you’re asking ..

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10 Aug SocialLIVE Episode 103: Upgrade your wardrobe with WISHI! 

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On this week’s episode of SocialLIVE, we cover everything from Facebook Dating to personal style in the palm of your hands!
  1. Facebook released ne..

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09 Aug How Brands Should Be Using Emojis

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Ahhhh, emojis. Our fun little friends that live inside our devices to help us convey an emotion that, sometimes, gets lost in translation over text messages, tweets, an..

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07 Aug RECAP: SocialLIVE Episode 102 with Jon Reyes

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We break down the details around the new feature “Talent Show,” and the latest updates to social media content on Snapchat and Instagram.


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