4 Valuable Tips for Pinterest Marketing!

4 Valuable Tips for Pinterest Marketing!

Having trouble branding or marketing your product? Pinterest offers a unique, creative, and surprisingly fun platform to get a jump-start on your company’s marketing incentives!


One. Always include keywords! Use keywords in pin titles, board names, and descriptions

Two. Have a contest! A contest is a great way to reach out to your customers and to grow your consumer base. Have your followers pin a photo of your product and tag the brand to win! Need another idea? Get creative and host a board scavenger hunt.

Three. Pin photos that are related to your products. You do not need to overwhelm your followers with constant product advertisements. Show them some of your inspiration, and keep the spark alive!

Four. Pin a photo that contains a link to a video! The video could be of your product on the move, or even of some of your adoring and loyal customers!

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