About Us

Where We Started


Founded by two forward-thinking females who saw the massive opportunity for brands and businesses on social media, our agency is built on the mindset of staying ahead of the curve. With backgrounds in finance and hospitality, Courtney Spritzer and Stephanie Cartin mutually quit their corporate jobs to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. Their passion for social media has inspired a #socialsquad of millennials to consistently research, test and seek out creative opportunities to seize the latest updates on our favorite platforms.


What We Do


Socialfly is a full-service social media and influencer marketing agency headquartered in New York City. We are a team of strategists, photographers, creatives, producers and all around social media enthusiasts. We are innovative storytellers with a passion for communicating your brand’s message in a creative, artistic, and unique way. We are a community of collaborators, leaders, and envelope-pushers. Through strategy, community building and management, campaigns, and social media advertising, our team of social specialists will tell your brand’s story through platform-specific content that resonates with your target audience to elevate your brand name.


How We Work


We work one-on-one with clients to develop and execute dynamic social media and influencer marketing strategies designed to increase brand awareness and your online presence. We provide strategic social media solutions to our clients by pairing creative content and analytics that deliver measurable results. We become partners with our clients and specialize in maximizing your marketing budget and drive real results. We have the flexibility to work with clients based on their needs and save you time so you can focus on your business. We work with clients in the e-commerce fashion, beauty, lifestyle, publishing and nonprofit industries.


Who We Are


We’ve all been there; you have a great picture to post on social. All the elements are there, expertly timed lighting, a perfect, dare I say natural look and the location set to the trendy restaurant your favorite influencer frequents. But it’s not ready for the gram. Cue Insta-Anxiety, TFW you have an Instagram-worthy photo that’s nowhere near Insta-ready. We know it, we’ve lived it, and we are here to help. Socialfly is THAT friend equipped with witty captions for any occasion, the magic touch for flawless filters, and the ability to pair your post with the perfect emoji.


As Socialflies, we are fluent in hashtags, memes, and all things social media. We know the trending topics that have the Twitterverse talking, we can smell a food trend from a mile away, we’ve seen and Instagrammed the city’s hotspots, and we can school you in Facebook Ad Optimization.


Beyond being a social media marketing company, Socialfly is an attitude. Socialfly means always striving to go above and beyond. From campaigns to captions, we know the hashtag, filter, and audience that will take your content to the next level. We are a millennial office, meaning we know the value of creating time for fun and fostering an environment where every employee has a voice, and every opinion is valued. As Socialflies, we are ahead of the curve and inspire and encourage one another by embracing a family spirit. Does Socialfly sound like your kind of squad? Get to know the team—check out our Instagram!


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