01 Feb Oscars 2018: The Surprises and the Snubs

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On Tuesday, January 23rd, film fans woke up with a twinkle in their eyes. As cinephiles eagerly awaited, there was a buzzy excitement among the community and social med..

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08 Nov To Poll or Not To Poll: Now With Photos & GIFs

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Social media is the place to learn your friend’s opinions on things. This statement has rung true since before the days of MySpace (I mean, that was basically the whole point of Xanga),..

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07 Aug The Tragedy That Is Celeb Breakups

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Last night, the country was rocked by a terrible revelation: Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have decided to separate after an eight-year marriage. The couple broke the news on their respectiv..

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01 Jun Facebook Live Is About to Get WAY More Social

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If you’ve been keeping up with the Socialfly Blog, you probably recall reading an amazingly written Read More

19 May Shadow Banning: The Unspoken Future of Instagram

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Recently, you’ve likely heard the term “Shadow Banning” thrown around a bit. When the term first came to light, it sounded menacing and mysterious, but few knew what it truly meant…

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05 Apr Everything You Need to Know About the Latest iPhone Leaks

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In this life, I wholeheartedly embrace spoilers. Were photos released from the GoT set? Send them to me! Did the audio get shared from Drake’s new album? I’m here to listen. Are there..

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14 Mar Treat Your Fans, Build Brand Loyalty: The Importance of Surprise & Delight Campaigns

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The desire to be recognized and acknowledged is something all humans experience. It is a universal truth that we, as a people, like for our voices to be heard, and for our opinions to be ..

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02 Mar Living the Live Life

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LIVE from social media… it’s VIDEO MARKETING! Live video marketing, that is.

You’ve probably seen a few live videos here..

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23 Dec Wedding Hashers: No, This Isn’t Another Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson Movie, It’s Now An Actual Career

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Are you #engaged? #Congratulations. #ItsAPrettyStressfulTimeHuh? #WhyDoIKeepTypingInHashtags? #ImTryingToSellYouOnMyNewService… #WeddingHashtags!

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02 Jun What Was #Trending in May?

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May has officially come and gone, and with it came a slew of trending topics. We may have never even known that the month was coming up, had it not been for the ever-trending Justin meme. You know ..

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