19 Dec Facebook Introduces AR to the Masses

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On Facebook’s Camera Effects page, it highlights users delighted by Stranger Things’ cute (and slightly terrifying) infant Pollywag moving atop their head, transfor..

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30 Nov Snap Inc. Goes Rogue with New, Improved Snapchat Design

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Snap Inc. released their plan for the new and improved Snapchat app just yesterday, and it’s nothing like you would expect. While many social media platforms have bui..

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Effective social media marketing is key to elevating your brand within the digital space. Many entrepreneurs understand that social is a driving force in the current la..

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11 Jul Get Started with Social Media Advertising

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Interested in how social media can attract new customers and amplify messaging to those currently in your database? Social Network Advertising is key to any strategy involving increased e..

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14 Jun In Honor of Pride, Facebook Adds a Rainbow Emoji

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Can it get any sweeter than Facebook showing support during the month of Pride? The social media network sent love to the LGBTQ community by rolling out a Rainbow flag emoji earlier this ..

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22 May Everything You Need to Know About F8 but Didn’t Want to Read

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Were you super excited about all the updates to Facebook at F8, but let down when met with tl;dr articles about 75+ changes and additions to the platform? Us, too. To make the information slightly mor..

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23 Mar Facebook’s New Groove

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We’ve heard rumblings about Facebook’s music-licensing issues and eventual solutions since September of last year when Billboard Read More

24 Feb Dreams Do Come True: You Can Now Facebook Message the Pope

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Header Image via Shutterstock
I’ve never been big into Facebook’s messenger service, partially because most of the conversations you have on Messenger are simple conversations you can ha..

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18 Nov Meet the Team: Bitmoji Edition

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Since our new rebrand launch, we’ve been taking care of that whole “new year, new you” thing a little early this year.
So, without further ado, introducing… t..

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15 Apr You Can Now “See” Your Facebook Photos

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