13 Feb The US Athletes Making History & Trending On Social

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Winter, the time of year where your Instagram feed consists of cuddling couples drinking coffee, #FlashbackFriday posts of days at the beach and snowy windows as your friends #WFH. Once e..

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28 Dec 2017 Social Media Superlatives

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As this year comes to a close, we reflect on the good, bad, and the ugly of social media content. Because we are feeling a bit nostalgic, we took a look at the social m..

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18 Oct I Met My Favorite Influencers IRL. This is What I Learned

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Influencers, they’re just like us. Well that is, if we constantly jet around the globe for fashion week, look flawlessly candid holding a coffee, and have brands comp..

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14 Sep How To Respond to Negative Reviews and Comments Towards Your Business

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Building a community on social media is relevant to your business, but maintaining that community’s happiness is essential for success. Many companies in this day in..

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13 Jun One Love Manchester Concert Raised Spirits and Millions for Victims

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There is a restorative power in music that explains love in a stronger way than words and unites us in times of need. With such hateful things happening in the world such as the Manchester bombing and..

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23 May Summer Must Haves According to My Instagram Feed

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With Summer quickly approaching, New Yorkers flock to rooftops to soak in the sun and get a good Instagram story (sorry, not sorry @Snapchat) of the skyline at ..

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13 Apr Advertisers Are Feeling Pinspired!

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Social media mavens in need of inspiration for life’s moments big or small religiously turn to Pinterest. Upon signing in, users are flooded with images from wedding ideas to easy wee..

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07 Mar Your Small Biz Solution to Snapchat Geofilters Has Arrived

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While big brands have no problem advertising on Snapchat (think Gatorade showers during the Superbowl and Taco Bell’s taco shell face on Cinco de Mayo), the application has been missing the mark on ..

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