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15 Jun RECAP: SocialLIVE Episode 96 with Kalyn Chandler!

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13 Jun 5 Don'ts of Social Media Copywriting

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Picture this: you’ve been working hard to build your brand. Years of sweat and tears poured into your dream and it’s all becoming a reality. You know it’s time to build a social media prese..

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07 Jun SocialLIVE Recap: Episode 95 with Life By Hill

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Miss this week’s #SocialLIVE live? For one thing, you can watch it anytime on our

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05 Jun Why Your Influencer Campaign Needs Instagram Stories

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When Instagram Stories first appeared in 2016 to compete with Snapchat, it was unclear which app would reign as the king of disappearing content. Instagram quickly surp..

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31 May Social in Sports: Why Major League Baseball Is Failing at Twitter

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Picture this, you’re sitting at home watching your favorite baseball team when something amazing happens. Maybe it’s a gra..

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29 May Facebook’s Influencer Marketing Matchmaker

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Always innovating, Facebook’s new money-making matchmaker tool may make it easier for brands and businesses to expand their influencer marketing network.

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18 May Top 5 Lessons Learned at Create & Cultivate's Beauty Summit

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On May 5, I had the opportunity to attend the first ever Create & Cultivate Beauty Summit in New York City. What? Haven’t heard of it? Create & Cultivate is a “

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10 May Instagram Introduces Native Payments

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Every time I move to a new city, the search for a new barber begins. I start scouring Instagram for a place that is turning out clean cuts. Finally, I find one that I li..

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09 May ICYMI: Facebook F8 Recap

Posted at 15:18h in Blog by KimberlyCadavid - 0 Comments -

Facebook has been in the spotlight this year and has many people questioning the future of the platform. Last week they held their annual Facebook F8 developers confere..

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04 May Finding the Right Micro-Influencer Match

Posted at 14:47h in Blog by CaraDuffy - 0 Comments -

Influencer marketing has become the new go-to method to reach target audiences online. What businesses once spent on print ad budgets is now being spent on social media..

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