[full]There was much to love (pun intended) about the Valentine's Day edition (Day 2) of Social Media Week NYC 2012. The events throughout the day brought attendees much of the same excitement that defined Day 1, with an array of diverse offerings to choose from. Here are some highlights from the three in-person sessions I attended:

This is the sequel to Leveraging LinkedIn to Land a Job-Job: Part 1 of 2 and was originally published for Social Media Week - New York 2012 on December 19, 2011. Let’s bring it all together and take a closer look at my favorite LinkedIn Boot Camp infographic (unleash your inner tech-geek!). I hope you’ll find a few hidden gems of insight in this follow-up companion piece.

This post was originally contributed for the Social Media Week - New York 2012 blog and was published on December 9, 2011. I’d like to offer some point-counterpoint commentary on a topic matter that currently occupies a lot of my physical and mental energy consumption: how to optimally leverage your LinkedIn network to land, as I affectionately like to call a “full-time position with benefits.” A Job-Job.


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