28 Apr 3 Simple Photography Hacks for At-Home Social Content Creation

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Hi! My name is Rachel Li. I’m a designer at Socialfly and I enjoy taking pictures. I am by no means a professional photographer (I keep all professional equipment, ligh..

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14 Apr Partnering with Influencers to Create TikTok Content

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A few weeks ago, we published a blog about real life influencers creating Read More

31 Mar Why You Should Consider Advertising on Pinterest

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31 Jan How a Facebook Group led to the birth of our Co-Founder's Miracle Baby

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11 Apr Why Am I Seeing This On My News Feed? Facebook Tells All.

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Anyone who’s ever used Facebook has wondered: “what’s the deal with News Feed? Why do I see some posts and not others? Why do Uncle Ted’s photos from Tanzania p..

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04 Apr What Do You Meme? Astrology in Social Media

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It’s the oldest pickup line in the book: “What’s your sign?”

Some of us may roll our eyes when asked this question, while others might be re..

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02 Apr Facebook News Feed Is In The Works

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In a recent conversation with CEO of Axel Spring..

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23 Jan Youtube Hops on the Swipe Wagon, And It’s About Time

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Youtube just added a new feature that allows the user to swipe left directly into the next video on the suggested playlist and I’ve got one thing to say: I’ll see y..

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02 Aug 5 Tips to Enhance Your Video Content

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Is your video content lacking?

If so, you might be missing out on the opportunity to position your brand for success. Video o..

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31 Jul Four Things you Need to Know About Facebook Augmented Reality Ads

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The online shopping sphere just got an upgrade with the addition of Facebook AR advertisements. Recently, the company began testing these augmented reality ads, which w..

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