29 Dec Everything That Happened & Mattered In 2016

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While many of us are waiting for the calendar to finally hit fast forward on 2016, this week is a good time to reflect on all of the good and bad that happened in the past year. And of course, feel #b..

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09 Dec What Can’t Instagram Do? Re: Liking Comments & Removing Followers Are Now Things

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With a recent update, Instagram gave users the ability to ‘Like’ other people’s comments on posts. If you update your app you will now see a small heart next to each comment, and if you tap the ..

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10 Nov Votes Gone Viral

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You’ve undoubtedly heard news sites, blogs, and even real people call this THE social media election. According to a recent PEW Research Study, “as of July, 24% [of adults] say they have turned to..

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24 Oct ICYMI: Facebook Messenger Beefs Up Its Features

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21 Oct Snap Playlist Your Way Out of Awkward

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In case you haven’t heard, Snapchat finally got rid of their auto-play feature in Stories, which put users on blast by automatically advancing through all friends’ Stories. So rest easy, you no longer..

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03 Oct Introducing: Snapchat Spectacles

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(Image via The Next Web)

Do you ever wish you could replay a moment or show..

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01 Sep Facebook Tests New "Camera Feed" with Face Filters

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What do you think the over/under is of how many times Snap..

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22 Jul When A Real Pokémon Appears In New York City

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What happens when we hear that there’s a Pokémon on the loose in Bryant Park? We go on a Poké-hunt to catch it!

We heard t..

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14 Jul Fox & Friends: The Pros and Cons of 'Pokemon GO'

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26 May Twitter's New 140-ish Character Limit

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Early last week, Read More

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