Connect Privately, use Burn Note!

Connect Privately, use Burn Note!

I can’t begin to tell you the frustration I feel when a friend sneaks a screen shot of an embarrassing snapchat! Even worse then the overwhelming sense of privacy invasion felt after an inopportune screen shot, is the feeling of helplessness when you send a message to the wrong person! Protect yourself, your information, and your secrets by using Burn Note.

With Burn Note you can have a secure and private online conversation, without the threat of peering eyes, permanent screen shots, or recovered files. Once the recipient receives your note the file is deleted permanently from both phones! Furthermore, the spotlight feature, which allows for only small portions of the message to be viewed at a time, prevents screen shots and wandering eyes from capturing or reading your private words.


Burn Note is available through either the App Store or Google Play!

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