Now You Can Send a ‘Happy Birthday’ Video on Facebook

Now You Can Send a ‘Happy Birthday’ Video on Facebook


As if the endless texts, phone calls, timeline posts, Insta collages and tweets weren’t enough, Facebook has now made it possible for users to send a 15-second, personalized message via a “birthday video cam” to friends and loved ones on their special day.

How does it work? When your daily ‘these are your friends who are celebrating a birthday today’ notification shows up, simply tap it to record your birthday video. You even have the option of selecting a festive frame to make it something to remember. This feature is already available on iOS, with the Android version being debuted later this coming year.
Tip: Most people watch Facebook video with the sound off as they’re scrolling through their news feeds. Consider holding up a series of written note cards with your well wishes while flashing that million-dollar smile to the camera. This will allow your video view count to increase. In 2016, what could be a better gift to your friend/loved one that a ton of video views? Happy taping!


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