Influencer Marketing

Chances are, you have already heard a lot of buzz around influencer marketing and how it can elevate your brand. If you are unfamiliar with this new form of marketing, digital influencers are social media users who create unique content and post it for an extremely engaged audience. By partnering with influencers, brands have the opportunity to work with those who have a special eye for creating content and can seamlessly integrate promotional messages into their posts.


Here at Socialfly, we know from experience that establishing influencer marketing networks for our clients has tremendous power. We have seen first-hand how brands can explode overnight on social media simply by teaming up with the right digital influencers. Whether it is an exciting giveaway opportunity, or a viral video that a YouTube influencer posts, there is no cap on the amount of interactions an influencer can generate for your business.


Our Influencer Marketing Division works closely with our account team to establish social media influencer networks on behalf of our clients. Our software allows us to dive deep into the analytics and truly understand an influencer’s audience before we contract them. We can determine the breakdown of the audience’s gender, location, age range, income bracket, and their actual interests. This high level of analytics, which is not publicly available, allows us to make strategic, and often unique, recommendations when casting talent for our clients’ influencer marketing networks. Our team also provides influencer marketing support for new clients that require assistance in executing single campaigns. This frequently includes organizing influencer events or creating buzz around a product launch, movie or TV premiere or a brand launch.


When working to create social media influencer networks, we believe that transparency is key. Our clients have final approval rights on all of the influencers that are cast for a specific campaign, and we guarantee that we will find the right people that are also on brand for your company. We also handle all of the coordination with influencers, negotiate rates on behalf of our clients, and handle contracting influencers to provide set deliverables by specific dates. If any edits are needed on drafted content, we will facilitate revisions whenever needed. Our Influencer Marketing Division keeps a close eye on the content produced and ensures that the influencers we work with always abide by FTC Guidelines when posting their deliverables. This is an incredibly important step to avoid any risk associated with developing influencer marketing networks.


Our team is available for organizing influencer events, developing campaigns, and coordinating a social media influencer network on behalf of your brand. We value our strong relationships with influencers and have built our own proprietary database of digital talent located around the world. Our team has worked with influencers to create successful and engaging content on their blogs along with Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat. Whether you are looking to grow your online community, create brand awareness, or generate sales, we can help your team accomplish your goals with influencer marketing. We look forward to working with you!

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