Instagram Opens AR Filter Creation Tools to All Users

Instagram Opens AR Filter Creation Tools to All Users

Like Snapchat, Instagram is bolstering its AR filter creation platform.

Users can now explore the “Effect Gallery, ”a group of effects from up-and-coming-artists, to create their own AR effects on Instagram. Simply go to the “Browse Effects” option in the Instagram Camera and head to the library of audience-originated tools.

Earlier this year, Snapchat saw a surge in downloads due to the popularity of the Baby and Gender Swap lenses. These particular lenses drew 9 million more users to the platform.

Although these lenses were not user-created, the virality and usage speaks to the potential of creative tools to boost engagement.

More and more creators are using Snap Lens Studio to build Snap campaigns. By bringing this capability to its platform, Instagram has opened to door for creators to expand their business.

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