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About This Project



As an online retailer, fullbeauty.com brought on our team to spearhead several consumer-based initiatives. Though Socialfly’s initial objective with the brand from 2014-2015 was to increase brand awareness and position fullbeauty.com as a top online retailer in their industry, their objectives changed and morphed over time. In 2016, Socialfly was tasked with not only building and maintaining their social presence, but proving that social media awareness and sponsored content was driving a significant return for the company.


• Pinterest
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter


• INSPIRE customers, both current and potential, to make purchases
• LEVERAGE social fans into web traffic and paying customers
• INCREASE intent to purchase by focusing on ongoing influencer campaigns
• FOCUS on consumer sharing by increasing video and graphic content



The teams at Socialfly and fullbeauty.com aligned on expanding and diversifying the amount of content delivered to their customers each day to increase the probability of individuals taking action. Post content on Facebook and Instagram increased by 50-75% per day, allowing the team to better analyze each content type and the overall consumer reaction.
Both teams also worked diligently in aligning with plus size fashion influencers on an ongoing #OwnYourCurves ambassador program to drive organic growth on channels like Instagram and Twitter. This content led to a boost in post engagement and shares, which further drove organic reach and acquisition.
Socialfly continued to run isolated testing on the above sponsored content to ensure that fullbeauty.com’s audience targets for ongoing and incoming customers were optimal for each advertisement being displayed. To further optimize for sales, Socialfly keeps a close eye on high performers each month, and continually reallocates spend to advertisements with a low Cost Per Purchase.



31.4% increase in community growth on Instagram from Jan-May 2016
4.5x ROI in Social Media Advertising from Jan-May 2016


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