Sarah Kugelman

Sarah Kugelman

We have been around the block with agencies promising results on social media.  So, we were skeptical when we first met Socialfly but quickly came around when we learned about their track record and saw their proposed strategy for our business.   They take a well thought out and deliberate approach to social media and what really differentiates them from other agencies is that they understand how to not only optimize a presence on each platform but they also ‘get’ branding.   From the start, they promised real results and to date, have really delivered on these quantitative benchmarks.   In the first few months of working together, I’ve been really impressed with the time they’ve allocated to our business, the recommendations they’ve made to increase our audience, and the results we’ve achieved.    Just as a data point, we’ve increased our facebook fans more in the past three months than in the past year!

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