Social Media Marketing

Social media is the modern form of customer service and retention. Brands can utilize social media marketing services to establish credibility among new and existing audiences, create buzz around new products and promotions, drive sales, and most importantly, build online relationships with customers by showing your brand’s personality. Social media management services allow brands to strategically increase awareness among current and potential customers and manage an online reputation creatively and effectively. Utilizing social media services is the new normal for brands looking to engage new audiences, generate leads and demonstrate excellent customer service.


As a leading social media marketing agency in New York City, we specialize in creating and executing social media strategies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, and Google+. Our team of social specialists tells your brand’s story through platform-specific content. We showcase your business with custom branded imagery, optimize your advertising budget with cost-effective campaigns, and grow and engage with your target audience through community management practices.


Custom Branded Imagery


From the strategy stage to implementation, we strive to strengthen your brand’s voice and personality through unique and engaging content that captivates audiences and communicates your values. Our creative department works side-by-side with your brand to bring your creative vision to life across all social media platforms. For more information on our creative department, check out samples of our work.


Social Media Advertising


To amplify content and drive conversions for clients, Socialfly provides a goal-driven social media advertising strategy. Our team members have experience constructing ongoing and limited campaigns for our clients on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube.  The data we analyze allows us to refine both the advertising and social strategies, consistently building content that is highly relevant and tailored to your target audience. We first determine your advertising goals and then create an advertising strategy to achieve them.


Community Management


Through authentic online interaction with consumers, timely responses to customer service inquiries, careful social listening, and audience outreach, we have successfully helped grow the audience of many brands across various industries. Community Management is just as important on influencer posts as it is on your brand’s page. These influencers are representing your brand, so having genuine interactions with their fans can help grow audiences in an innovative way. Community management is a key element of all social media strategies, and our comprehensive approach ensures that no like, comment or question goes unheard.


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