The Best Brand Tweets from The Bachelor

The Best Brand Tweets from The Bachelor

Ever wonder how to partake in trending hashtags as a brand? We saw a variety of them leveraging The Bachelor‘s season premiere last night with one objective in mind – clever and playful content that would engage The Bachelor‘s audience.

Here are a few of our favorite brand tweets from last night:

1. Papa John’s Pizza is getting cheesy with their Bachelor love in their post below.

2. Entertainment Weekly showcases everyone’s favorite guest star on the premiere episode.

3. Allure is ready to pump the breaks on the Ashley I-type drama with a Kardashian reference.

4. Good Morning America‘s two favorite things? Arrested Development GIFs and The Bachelor.

5. ELLE Magazine takes a tip from one of the more aggressive contestants.

It’s time for your brand to partake in trending hashtags – what upcoming event are you interested in leveraging? Let us know in the comments below!

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