The End of an Era: Twitter Replaces the ‘Favorite’ Star with a Heart

The End of an Era: Twitter Replaces the ‘Favorite’ Star with a Heart



For longtime Twitter users the favorite star has been used to communicate a multitude of messages. People have used favorites to convey that they’ve seen a tweet but most likely won’t respond, that they favor or agree with a tweet, and of course there’s the subtle “hate” favorite. Twitter recently replaced the star symbol with a heart, explaining that this change is to make the social media platform easier to understand for newcomers. They posted an official explanation on their blog stating:


Twitter is on a mission to make sure their platform is user friendly and can be relatable no matter where in the world users are from, but the Internet had its own opinion when the change was implemented earlier this week. Many felt very strongly about the issue and were either all for the new symbol or strongly against it.

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So now the question is: What camp do you sit in? Are you Team Favorite Star or Team Like Heart? Let us know in the comments what you think about Twitter’s latest decision!

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