Twitter on TV?

Twitter on TV?

Did you catch Twitter on television on Sunday?

During the broadcast of the 2012 Pocono 400 NASCAR race, Twitter ran its first-ever TV spot.  It is a 16-second clip featuring Brad Keselowski, NASCAR racer, taking a picture in his car while laughing.

That’s not all! The best part of the commercial is the NASCAR hashtag seen at the end of the tv-spot.  Twitter emphasized #NASCAR by incorporating it into the website address, which was seen as

Are Twitter’s hashtags the next big thing?  The appearance of the hashtag in this commercial is the start of Twitter’s promotion of its new hashtag pages.  They are not doing this alone, however.  There is also a Twitter for Facebook integration that allows usernames, hashtags, and more to be cross-posted to Facebook.  This is an update that is available to everyone! Don’t see the changes yet?  Try disconnecting your Facebook for Twitter account in your  Twitter profile settings and then reconnect them.

These new features sound awesome! How do you feel about the Twitter tv-spot? We at Collective Media would love to see more of these! Make sure to check out all of the new changes.

Let us know what you think in the comment box down below.  To see more information check out this article, which also has the link to the TV commercial!

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